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What Is Master Key System?

A master key is a key system where selected keys can open a number of doors allowing different groups of people have access to all or specifically designated areas in a building. 

This system is very useful in large organizations where different levels of access are needed for different people.

At the core of master key system is the concept of key hierarchy. The highest level key is called the master key and it opens all doors within the building. 

Right below it there are sub master keys which can open a subset of doors and then individual keys which can only open specific doors. 

This setup allows a secure access control which reduce the number of keys an individual needs to carry and maintaining strict control over access to different areas.

The Benefits of a Master Key System

Enhanced Security Control

Ensuring only authorized personnel can access specific areas.

Simplified Access Management

A single master key can open all the locks in an organizations which simplifies key management.

Customizable Access Levels

The system can be designed to provide customized access levels for different people.

Cost Effective Security Solution

In the long run master key systems can be save lots of money on lock rekey or lock replacement.

Efficient Emergency Access

In case of emergencies a master key allows quick exit from all areas without searching for specific key.

Easy to Expand

Master key systems allow businesses expend and grow easily.

Simple Key Replacement

If a master key is lost replacing it is generally simple task.

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