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Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key Without A Key?

Losing your car keys can be quite overwhelming especially when you don’t have a spare set of keys the first question that pop up into your head “Is it possible for a locksmith to create a car key without the original one?”

Unlike to what many people think you don’t actually need your car key in order to duplicate it and in a matter of fact a certified automotive locksmith can easily create a new car key replacement for you within a few hours even if you don’t have your old car key with you.

What Kind of Car Keys Can Be Replaced Without The Original?

Replacing car keys without the original can be done but it depends on the technology used in the key and the specific car, Here are some key points:

Traditional Keys

These are the most easy keys to replace as they do not require any programming and a locksmith can cut a new key by using the lock code.

Transponder Keys

These keys have a chip inside that communicates with the car immobilizer system and replacing them without the original requires a locksmith or dealer who can program a new key to match the vehicle system.

Keyless Entry Fobs

These are more complicated and require specific equipment to program a new key and again dealerships or specialized automotive locksmiths can create a replacement without the original key.

Laser Cut Keys

These keys have a unique shape and are harder to replicate than traditional keys but have no fear as many locksmiths have the special tools in order to duplicate these keys without needing the original.

Valet Keys

These keys usually can start the car but have limited functionality and they can also be replaced without the original key through a similar process to replacing a standard key.

Remote Control Integrated Keys

For keys that have remote control functions built in them the mechanical key part can be replaced relatively easily but programming the remote control functions will require special equipment.

How Does a Locksmith Create a Car Key Without the Original?

In order to create a car key without the original an automotive locksmith will generally follow these steps:

Gather Information

Gathering all necessary details about your car including the make, model, year and VIN which is shortly for Vehicle Identification Number. This information is needed to identify the correct key blank and the key cutting code.

Choose the Right Key Blank

Based on the car information a appropriate key blank is selected and some modern cars might require specialized blanks for transponder keys or remote fobs.

Cutting the Key

With a key cutting machine a locksmith can cut the new key based on the VIN key code and to ensure the key will work correctly a precision work is required.

Programming a Transponder Chip Key

Most cars have a transponder key and it is necessary to program the key to match the car immobilizer system.

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