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Where Should You Hide A Spare House Key? Best And Worst Place

When it comes to choosing a place to hide a spare house key convenience is often your primary consideration but it’s important to keep in mind that burglars are well familiar with those common hiding spots and in order to make sure your home is safe and secure it is critical you should hide your spare key in an unexpected location. 

If your spare key happens to be in any of the places we highly recommend to move it to more informed spot and the sooner the better.

4 Spots to Avoid for Hiding Your Spare House Key

Beneath Your Welcome Mat

Leaving your key under a mat may appear very convenient but it is like rolling out a red carpet for burglars and this common practice poses a big security risk and our advice is you should avoid it at all times.

Under A Flowerpot Near The Front Door

Another poor spot that burglars frequently take advantage of, in generally a good consept of hiding a spare key is far away as possible from the door as it can make it more difficult for potential burglars to find it.

Inside A Poorly Positioned Fake Rock

If you place your fake rock in an area where it stands out in your front yard without any other look a like rocks nearby it won’t appear convincing, so if you choose to go with this approach make sure it looks as much as natural as possible and blends in with its surroundings.

In Your Wallet

It’s not a good idea to keep your spare key in your wallet just for the reason it may poses a high risk as if someone robs your wallet they will not only have access to your home but also your exact address.

4 Smart Spots to Safeguard Your Spare House Key

With A Trusted Neighbor

It is an excellent choice to give a neighbor you trust a spare key to your home, just make sure that the key does not have any information on it and that it can be easily accessed when necessary. 

In A Magnetized Lockbox Under Your Car

Keeping your key hidden in a magnetic case attached to your car is a brilliant strategy as the majority of burglaries tend to happen during daylight hours when you’re out with your car a way from home.

Under The Dog House

Most burglars tend to avoid dogs so it’s a great idea to adopt one and keep your spare key under the dog house, furry friend can’t get to it!

Fake Sprinkler Key Holder

A disguised sprinkler key holder can perfectly blend into your yard making it an ingenious hiding place for your spare key, just make sure it looks exactly the same as your real ones.

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